Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Time Travel : Concept Explained

Time travelling is a concept or idea about motion between two points in time. It relates to the motion of body along to points in a space having different coordinates (x, y, z). It means sending either an object or even a human, to a particular time in past or future.
Time travel is an interesting branch of science that developed as a result of imaginative fiction by novelists since the 19th century. One popular, hit was "Time Machine" by H.G Wells. These creations influenced both the minds of scientists and readers, and it opened a wide arena of possibilities for research.

Time travel would only be possible if the following theories are satisfied :
  • Theory of special relativity.
  • General relativity.
  • Geometries of space time.
To keep it simple, "time Machine" is any device, that makes time travel possible.

This post outlines the basic concepts of time travel. Hope you enjoyed it. :)