Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What is a super-fluid?

A phase of matter which is capable of flowing endlessly without energy loss ; that is what super fluid is. This discovery is credited to Pyotr, John, and Misener. This was discovered in helium, one rubidium isotope and one lithium isotope too.

A super fluid can be of two states of matter ; gas and liquid. For a better idea, let us take the case of an example. The freezing point of Helium is 1 Kelvin and 25 atm pressure. The change occurs when atoms of helium begin to take over an identical quantum state. In other words, an element is converted into super fluid when all the component atoms in that element, takes a similar quantum state. 

What is a Phonon?

A phonon is the amount of energy found within a vibration. When an object vibrates, phonon is formed in that object. Similar to "photon", phonon is also a quantum particle within a light wave. This word was coined from a Greek word, "phone" which means sound or voice.
Structure of Phonon

This was first theorized by Igor Tamm. His ideas were integrated to Quantum Mechanics after the introduction of this concept.  Phonon is a phenomenon. We can't specifically extract this phenomenon as a physical object.

They behave as individual particles, but they show interaction within. These interaction forms many chains. Energy is transferred from one phonon from time to time. 

Phonon's uses
Creating very efficient conducting and insulating materials is easy with the better understanding of phonon's structure. Fields of computer science and power storage, requires the use of insulation much. A closer look at phonon's operation and interaction helps us to build useful materials in the future.
Frequency and Energy

Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology created a sample in the year 2010. They combined several layers of cyrstal materials. This was done is a particular pattern that was efficient in reflecting phonon.

Time Travel : Concept Explained

Time travelling is a concept or idea about motion between two points in time. It relates to the motion of body along to points in a space having different coordinates (x, y, z). It means sending either an object or even a human, to a particular time in past or future.
Time travel is an interesting branch of science that developed as a result of imaginative fiction by novelists since the 19th century. One popular, hit was "Time Machine" by H.G Wells. These creations influenced both the minds of scientists and readers, and it opened a wide arena of possibilities for research.

Time travel would only be possible if the following theories are satisfied :
  • Theory of special relativity.
  • General relativity.
  • Geometries of space time.
To keep it simple, "time Machine" is any device, that makes time travel possible.

This post outlines the basic concepts of time travel. Hope you enjoyed it. :)